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Who we are

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We are Retrouvaille of San Antonio (ROSA), TX.

Retrouvaille is a faith-based, non-profit, International Program and Community that began in Canada a couple of decades ago.

Our Mission

We want to help save marriages.  We attempt to do that by helping spouses communicate better with each other.

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What does Retrouvaille mean?  How does one pronounce it?

The word “Retrouvaille” is French in origin, and is pronounced “Reh-troo-vi” with the long “i” sound at the end.  It essentially translates to “rediscovery.”  Should you decide to join the Retrouvaille Community, we hope you “rediscover” the original happiness in your marriage.

What we ARE

We are a community of volunteers that share their marital successes with each other.  We have all attended the Retrouvaille Weekend and other Retrouvaille of San Antonio (ROSA) events.  We want to share our tips on helping a troubled marriage.

What we are NOT

We don’t provide a “magic wand” for fixing your marriage.  We need your help.  We are not marriage counselors, and will never claim to be.  We don’t discriminate.  We’re not concerned about your religious beliefs, skin color, age, ethnicity, etc.

Where to begin

Your Retrouvaille experience starts with a Retrouvaille Weekend at a local San Antonio hotel that you and your spouse attend.  There will be other couples there, but you will not discuss your marital problems with them, or the ROSA members. The Retrouvaille Weekend begins on a Friday night, and ends on a Sunday afternoon.  During the weekend, you will embark on the path to reconnecting with your spouse.

What we ask of you right now  

1.  Please read as much as you can on our website, the International site, and other links.

2.  Ask your spouse to do the same.  If their time is limited, attempt to share the most important points with them.

3.  Make a decision to save your marriage and your family.

4.  Consider attending a Retrouvaille Weekend in San Antonio.  If that’s not convenient, please consider another location as listed on the International Site. You can still attend our POST Sessions even if you don't attend our weekend.

5.  If you’ve decided your marriage is worth saving, and you want to attend a Retrouvaille Weekend in San Antonio, or somewhere else, go here to register:  www.retrouvaille.org/dates.php

6.  Still not sure?  Got questions?  Send your questions here:  questions@rosatx.org or admin@rosatx.org
We will respond as soon as possible!

Thank you for considering our Retrouvaille program, visiting our website, and most importantly, making a decision to possibly save your marriage!

God Bless you,

and we hope to see you soon!


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Copyright 2009, Retrouvaille of
San Antonio ( ROSA

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), TX